Lake Champlain Bay, Brenda Myrick. www.myrickgalleries.com

I enjoy sharing this website as it feels like an ongoing art project with tone, dimension, and splashes of color here and there - a continuous expression of what I am offering to the community.

Though the fundamental theme of what I believe to be true - that anything is never separate from everything else - will remain steady and true, the plot of my story will change from time to time. Visit often to learn about upcoming workshops and lectures, Tai Chi Chuan classes, and how Chinese Medicine can support health and participation in our stories as living works of art!

To celebrate local visual artists in our community you'll find their paintings and photographs throughout the site.

And as Tai Chi practice continues to inspire my own creative expression, you will find poems I've written throughout the seasons in the "Tai Chi: The Practice" section of the site.


Rachel Edwards